Thursday, June 7, 2012

Robert and Jaime Barnes Wedding at Loulu Palms

The beauty looking through an empty paper towel role

A question was brought up to me during Robert and Jaime's wedding by one of the coordinators and asked "When you take these pictures what goes through your mind?" I said "I think every photographer talk to themselves during the whole ceremony getting the right shots, when I was a little girl my mother always threw away the  empty paper towel role, but I'd ask my mom, can I have that please, mom would look at me wierd and just gave it to me. Just think after many years of pulling that empty paper towel role and looked through it like a telescope, I saw everything differently and fell through a whole new dimension of a new world through this paper towel role. I'd ask myself, what are the ants on the plant talking about when they connected to eachother, how is it that my little bonzai plant looks like a full grown tree looking from a bottom view,... now I'd say an example in this picture, what is the father and the bride talking about while they walk down to her husband to be. This has always been my personal favorite part of the ceremony, Father and Bride walk. Just by looking at the pictures, can you see what they are talking about?... hmmmm 

Mr. Bohannon and daughter bride Jaime

I can put my own illustrations to this, but I would want you to see the beauty of pictures through an empty paper towel role.

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