Saturday, June 16, 2012

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Mr. Iwase a photographer from Japan stopped by at Honukailani to visit the Rev. Elias,  and staff members. Surprise and very nice to see that he posted a picture of Boku Sensei Elias near greeting room. Please view Japanese blog site of I's Bridal bottom on link.

Here is a link from Japan ameba blog site of a staff photographer from Watabe Weddings now owner of his own company. Please view
Aloha, married King is.
Lots of Pastor has been in Hawaii.

There is so many types of teacher's...
One of my favorite pastor's ELIAS teacher. I transmitted it many times Dr. ELIAS wedding is whats let Aralia sings my heart, 'ALOHA' is amazing...
Whenever I go to Hawaii by chance have a greets you with a smile always warm. Us country celebrates the wedding ceremony is the pastor. I would like aloha spirit-filled pastor's under-construction wedding I decided.

I think couples can be subjected to prayer Dr. ELIAS ホヌカイラニ very envious.


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