Sunday, May 20, 2012

Charles and Natalie Hawaiian beach wedding

Video by: Dream Weddings Hawaii, Steven Young

In the begining the Hawaiians believe that the first man was created by sand and with life, and also with life came responsibility. His responisbility was to care for all things created before him, animals of the sea, the heavens, and of the land,  and in return all thing before him (we call the elders), would care for him. You may know it as the circle of life. Over a time as man would care for his elders, (the land, the sea and of the heavens) man would find a very dear friend, sometimes in front of him, sometime behind of him, sometimes next to him, but never so far away. That's when first man found his shadow, the Gods found him lonely so they took his shadow and created first woman. Always close to him, but never so far away.