Sunday, November 27, 2011

movie trailer "The Pali"

Here's a movie trailer done please review, any comments will be appreciated.

Trailer: The Pali from D.R. on Vimeo.

About this video:
"This is a trailer for a film we shot for Showdown in Chinatown 
Championships. We didn't make the deadline, but were able to 
put this together. We shot and edited everything in 4 days.

For those unfamiliar with Hawaiian history, Hawaii has many 
Gods and Demi-gods that roam the islands, many with turbulent 
pasts. Hawaii Route 61, or better know as the Pali Highway, is a 
well know area where Hawai'i's Gods interact with the residents 
of the islands. The most common is when Pele, Goddess of Fire, 
stops anyone driving over with pork in their car. She mistakes 
the unsuspecting driver as her ex-lover Kamapua'a, the 
Hog-Child demi-god.

For more information on 
Pele's and Kamapua'a's history 

Davey Shindig
Sophia Nelson
Caleb Shinobi
T. Austin Sabel
Lisa Chaly
Elias Parker

Directed By:
David Richardson

Produced By:
Ryan Richardson

Cinematography By:
David Richardson

Written by:
David & Ryan Richardson"