Sunday, November 6, 2011

Guy and Milani vow renwal

As long as our beautiful beaches and sun exist in Hawaii, ceremonies on the beach will always have beautiful memories.

In this vow renewal of 11 years, a request was made of Kahu Parker, for their twin sons to be included in the ceremony. From our ancient ancestors, to our elders, down to our parents life begins in a gift of breath, and it's through us to which that this gift is passed on with all the teachings to hold our old ways and to adapt to modern times with better understanding of our mistakes and never to repeat them, for from the begining our elders handed down to their children the gift..... we all call life.

One final request was made from Guy and Milani, was to say a prayer for a dear friend who lived on the west side of Oahu and loved the beaches.

While Guy holds a lei offering, Rev. Parker acknowledges ancestors for their acceptence.

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