Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trip to Maui, Iao Needle... then to Hana

It's been so busy with work as well with family time, finally here are a few pictures from Maui, June 16, 2011. Our love for Maui are as great as our love for all of the other islands. 
Iao Needle State Monument Park

No matter what mountain Our Lord God shares with us whether its Iao Needle, Maui or Koolau Range Oahu , we always enjoy the views of mountains. Carved by the finger tips of God for all of us to see the beauty of his splendor.

We stopped also at the Cultural Gardens, and took a sneak peek of the gardens. Here you can have a picnic in different parts of the world different parts of the world from Chinese, Japanese, Portugese, Filipino, Korean, and of course Hawaiian and many others all in one day. What a way to travel and still be in Maui.

... and they are all quite clean and beautiful

As we continued our journey to Hana, Maui just a reminder for all you Maui travelers to Hana, THERE IS NO CELL PHONE RECEPTION AT ALL !!! and ONLY ONE MAUI RADIO STATION IS AVAILABLE, until you see a barbeque shack stop and take a quick snack and restroom break. Test your phone you just might be able to make a call.
Leonard Lawrence and Kevin's wedding in Koki Beach, Hamoa, Maui.

The end result is beautiful, and our journey to through Hana and Koki Beach, Hamoa was memorable. No cell phone reception, or internet connection, and no radio reception.  but a wonderful time through the journey. 

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