Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Legend of Kamapua`a

Hina's husband Olopana, an influential chief, was already an old man while fair Hina was in the spring of her youth. Dutifully she shared his bed, but her heart longed for her husband's younger brother Kahiki-ula. She often invited her handsome brother-in-law to go berry-picking. He accompanied her gladly to cool springs and creeks. They talked intimately about the lore of herbs. Olopana, aware of his advancing age, resented their friendship, but didn't interfere. Only Hina herself knew if Kahiki-ula was also her lover.

When she gave birth, however, Olopana refused to acknowledge the baby-boy as his son.

(to continue The Legend of Kamapua`a )

Sunday, November 27, 2011

movie trailer "The Pali"

Here's a movie trailer done please review, any comments will be appreciated.

Trailer: The Pali from D.R. on Vimeo.

About this video:
"This is a trailer for a film we shot for Showdown in Chinatown 
Championships. We didn't make the deadline, but were able to 
put this together. We shot and edited everything in 4 days.

For those unfamiliar with Hawaiian history, Hawaii has many 
Gods and Demi-gods that roam the islands, many with turbulent 
pasts. Hawaii Route 61, or better know as the Pali Highway, is a 
well know area where Hawai'i's Gods interact with the residents 
of the islands. The most common is when Pele, Goddess of Fire, 
stops anyone driving over with pork in their car. She mistakes 
the unsuspecting driver as her ex-lover Kamapua'a, the 
Hog-Child demi-god.

For more information on 
Pele's and Kamapua'a's history 

Davey Shindig
Sophia Nelson
Caleb Shinobi
T. Austin Sabel
Lisa Chaly
Elias Parker

Directed By:
David Richardson

Produced By:
Ryan Richardson

Cinematography By:
David Richardson

Written by:
David & Ryan Richardson"

Friday, November 11, 2011

11-11-11 Grant and Andrea's wedding at Keiki Beach

At Keiki Beach, Grant and Andrea had their perfect beach wedding, with the sun and the morning rain, two greatest gifts from The Heavens appears a beautiful rainbow for the couple with Rev. Parker.

The wedding kiss
Congratulations Grant and Andrea!!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Guy and Milani vow renwal

As long as our beautiful beaches and sun exist in Hawaii, ceremonies on the beach will always have beautiful memories.

In this vow renewal of 11 years, a request was made of Kahu Parker, for their twin sons to be included in the ceremony. From our ancient ancestors, to our elders, down to our parents life begins in a gift of breath, and it's through us to which that this gift is passed on with all the teachings to hold our old ways and to adapt to modern times with better understanding of our mistakes and never to repeat them, for from the begining our elders handed down to their children the gift..... we all call life.

One final request was made from Guy and Milani, was to say a prayer for a dear friend who lived on the west side of Oahu and loved the beaches.

While Guy holds a lei offering, Rev. Parker acknowledges ancestors for their acceptence.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Honukailani Chapel and Reception Hall

Here's a video of Honu Kai Lani from Watabe,  a short clip of from begining to end from the greeting room, your counseling room,  to your wedding ceremony at the chapel to the reception hall. Please enjoy this video made from Watabe

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sheryl and Vince's wedding at Ko'Olina

When we received Sheryl's call, we were delighted to find that she and Vince decided to get married, but as with all couples they were concerned with budget, after counseling of wants and budget they were both at ease and ready choose a date.

Sheryl and Vince's request was to have everything to be simple as possible. August 4, 2011 a beautiful and busy afternoon for Rev. Parker, with belief and faith the Lord always makes things possible. 

Nothing worth anything is simple, but everything is surely possible

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trip to Maui, Iao Needle... then to Hana

It's been so busy with work as well with family time, finally here are a few pictures from Maui, June 16, 2011. Our love for Maui are as great as our love for all of the other islands. 
Iao Needle State Monument Park

No matter what mountain Our Lord God shares with us whether its Iao Needle, Maui or Koolau Range Oahu , we always enjoy the views of mountains. Carved by the finger tips of God for all of us to see the beauty of his splendor.

We stopped also at the Cultural Gardens, and took a sneak peek of the gardens. Here you can have a picnic in different parts of the world different parts of the world from Chinese, Japanese, Portugese, Filipino, Korean, and of course Hawaiian and many others all in one day. What a way to travel and still be in Maui.

... and they are all quite clean and beautiful

As we continued our journey to Hana, Maui just a reminder for all you Maui travelers to Hana, THERE IS NO CELL PHONE RECEPTION AT ALL !!! and ONLY ONE MAUI RADIO STATION IS AVAILABLE, until you see a barbeque shack stop and take a quick snack and restroom break. Test your phone you just might be able to make a call.
Leonard Lawrence and Kevin's wedding in Koki Beach, Hamoa, Maui.

The end result is beautiful, and our journey to through Hana and Koki Beach, Hamoa was memorable. No cell phone reception, or internet connection, and no radio reception.  but a wonderful time through the journey. 

Rev. Elias Parker with Dream Weddings Hawaii and Steven Young

Making it legal, and getting engaged? YES! from Steven Young on Vimeo.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A friend from Japan to settle in Hawaii

This past Friday I finanally met Yuri sensei, Midori and Jerry. They are truly wonderful people, so true to the heart and warm loving. Yuri Sensei with full of life I can see she's happy to be close to Trent sensei, a man with full of love for his Yuri and knowledge of martial art behind him. With Yuri sensei's smile, Rev Elias knows that it's all about the love!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To Maui for a wedding

As we leave from Honolulu to Maui on the 5:15am flight, the morning still shows the beautiful full moon with a hint of orange color from the rising sun upon her face. Mahalo KeAkua i keia la he kou maua iho oli I kanani i keia.

Before we headed on the Hana, we stopped at Iao Needle and the cultural garden a nice place to go for a picnic. (maybe next time)

As we headed on our way to Hana's winding road you can enjoy the beautiful foliage of helekonia and  lauae fern and possibly lilikoi fruit better known as passion fruit. We've learned to always give yourself extra time our gps system gave us 40 minutes to our destination... TOTALLY INCORRECT...  it took us approximately 2  hours, giving touring drivers, and on coming cars on sometimes a single lane road when it gets to multiple hairpin turns.  You'll also find  tourist out of their cars WATCH FOR TOURIST taking pictures of waterfalls and  streams along the mountain side. When we finally reached Hamoa the beach was simply breath taking. Rev Elias already knew where to stop, you just had to be there to see it.

Almost secluded but you just have to be there before the crowd sets in. Get there early... no problem on having your family picnic there. While Kevin (the beautiful bride and Leonard somewhere on the street side looking out for us, but little did you know we arrived at our final destination 30 minutes after the Schwaigers got to the beach.  Like the bride, .... of course simply beautiful. The picnic area overlooking the beach, (right in the middle of everything) just a little on the right of the beach is the birth place of an infamous female of royalty. If you know who she is comment it back to us. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Elisa and Ryan Wedding at Loulu Palms

On May 17, 2011 Rev. Parker rushing from Honukailani Chapel to leave for Loulu Palms. Ryan and Elisa, a fun and outgoing couple from Washington is high spirited with Rev. Parker in todays wedding rehearsal

May 18, 2011 The big day for Ryan and Elisa. As we meet up with Elias and Lorenzo, coordinators of
La `a kea Ocean Wedding all preparations and request were placed. Walking through the soft grass Rev. Parker places himself to where he'll stand before the couple during the wedding.

 click here to view La`mour Photography  for pictures.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

At Watabe Wedding

Thank you Hanako for the interview, a coordinator of Honukailani Chapel staff in Ko'Olina. In no doubt Rev. Elias always ready for any challenges in between weddings. You can call him Pastor, Kumu, Kahu, Reverend, or wedding minister. We call him truely a "man of God".

Great smile!
If your not tuned into with doing the "Shaka",
 here's another way explained by Rev. Elias,
"moshi moshi" a way of answering a phone in Japanese.

Interesting  interview you can view pictures in the blog done by coordinators from Watabe Weddings Hawaii.

note: the website is in Japanese of course, when in website don't forget to translate in english.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Loulu Palms... Thank you

Want to thank Elias Gonzales, along with business partner Lorenzo Pitts, and the Loulu Palms Estates for allowing Rev. Parker to be a part of their ministry staff.  A beautiful wedding presided with cool breezes in the air for Nathan and Ivy. Love always prevails over everything, but you had to be there to experience the chuckle among everyone between bad times and poor times.

Monday, April 18, 2011

A clip from a family.... from Josefa and Brad

Thank you for the video clip sent from a family that was sent to us by Brad and Josefa.

May the Lord bless you and keep you both safe in his hands, and may the Lord grant you peace and happiness. Amen

Monday, March 7, 2011

Watabe Wedding Hawaii

Enjoy this video of Honu Kai Lani Chapel, Place of Welina. A Beautiful video put together from Watabe Wedding Hawaii, by 3-works. Please send any comments. We would greatly appreciate it.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jan 1, 2011 Wedding at Bellows

1-1-11 Damian and Katie Waimanalo Wedding in Hawaii

Damian and Katie from Steven Young on Vimeo.

Mahalo Dream Weddings Hawaii with Steven Young, a sunrise wedding request.

Walking into the New Year with Love, Joy and Happiness

As we walk into the new year of 2011, Rev. Elias Parker begins with an early morning ceremony at sunrise  unknown location, then a ceremony at Bellows at 10am,  a short break in between to rest, then a drive to Ke Iki Beach out North shore for a 1pm, later today a 4pm at Ko'Olina.

Whew...  Still recooperating from eve celebrating into the New Year 2011. Wishing everyone happiness, love, and joy to all.