Monday, November 1, 2010

11-1-10 Elias Sensei

First busy day at Honukailani Chapel

At Watabe Weddings the staff, would call Rev. Parker as sen-sei, (meaning teacher). In Japan, anyone who teaches anything is called sensei, with this when respect was demonstrated, it was called honour.

To continue with this picture set from Watabe. After the wedding the coordinators would exit with the couple to take additional pictures outside the chapel, while Rev Parker walked out through the side a photographer asked,

"Elias sensei, how is it with the many weddings done in a day, how is it that his feeling never subsides."

Rev Parker:
In every ceremony the words are same, the music are all the same, It's the love the couple brings for eachother that completes the whole aspect of the wedding, and I'll always say, 
"It's about the LOVE".