Friday, October 29, 2010

Watabe Wedding Ko'olina big day. Blessing of Honu Kai Lani Chapel

On October 29, 2010  KeAkua has awaken us to a beautiful day.  Rev Parker is in Aqua V. presiding a wedding. Today is definitely be an extended day.  After Rev.Parker's morning ceremony we drove over to Honu Kai Lani Chapel and with sun and a little bit of rain brings this rainbow over the chapel. 9:45 we meet with the V.I.P.

Hidetoshi Watabe President of Watabe Wedding Corporation, Aala Wedding Company, Ko'Olina Weddings and Events, Hawaiian Dredging, Rev. Okubo from Hongwanji Mission, Bev Stone and Jeff Stone President of Resort Group, and Chef Alan Wong of Alan Wong Restaurants. People who have put in all thier heart and contributions for a new child of Watabe Wedding Company.

Rev. Parker opening chant to bless the chapel.

(back)Rev. Elias Parker
(left)Koiichi Sugimoto Vice President Watabe Hawaii  and
(right)Masaki Nagamine Hawaii Division GM Watabe Hawaii

Jeff Stone, Hidetoshi Watabe, and Chef Alan Wong unveils a double twined maile lei for the grand opening of  Honu Kai Lani

After the blessing of the chapel and introductions, Rev. Parker and Honu Kai Lani staff introduces a mock wedding ceremony and a taste of Chef Alan Wong delicious and ever so perfect dishes
to the invited guests.

Twice Cooked Shortrib, Soy Braised and Grilled Kalbi Style gingered shrimp, ko choo jang sauce.
and Strawberry cake

Chilled Tomato Soup & Foie Gras Grilled Cheese!
and many more...

All the preparations for this new child of Watabe Weddings Corp, "Honu Kai Lani", has been an exciting one and will never forget the journeys in getting here.  This is not an end but only a begining of a beautiful relationship. We say Mahalo to Kristine, Bev, Ota, Akemi, 
and all who have made this event ever so possible.

and most of all to the one who has been with us through it all,
Mahalo to KeAkua.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yoshihiro and Junko 10/17/10

I can honestly say preparing for your very own wedding can be tiresome. From ordering the cake, selecting a gown and tuxedo, reception, flowers, music, minister, and just making this one wedding the perfect wedding I will ever remember. (arrhgg  I need help).

As bride and groom we put on our best face and being at our best to be beautiful and handsome for the most important day of our lives. The clock ticks till we see ourselves with our other half at the altar. Some couples may just wanna get on rollin' with the movement and get out of here, but Rev Parker ....   His eyes would tear... for he would see LOVE between the couple. The LOVE they have for eachother and smile, then in a blink of an eye says "You may now seal your vows with a kiss." and pronounces  you as husband and wife..... whew, can we rest now!!! Can we legally say getting married is hard work. I'm just glad we go through it once in our life.... Right?!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Rev. Parker has been prepared for todays event, 10-10-10, an easier way to remember October 10, 2010. Congratulations to all couple who got married today.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Honu Kai Lani Chapel first 10-weddings November 1, 2010

Earlier this week Rev. Parker noticed that the green construction walls are down and Honu Kai Lani Chapel is now in full view. We drove around to take a quick glance and noticed of the art deco architecture. Look closely and you'll see the honu head facing the calm seas, "the guardian of the people" one of the guardians of the hawaiian people. Still unable to walk on chapel grounds landscaping was surely needed, but I'm sure Watabe will set it's glamour for Honu Kai Lani best foot forward.

Honu Kai Lani Chapel drawing, aside of the chapel preparation, media blitz, and chapel promotions,
first 10-weddings are on schedule set for November 1, 2010... Lord is gracious, Amene