Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eric and Kelly at Paliku Gardens, Kualoa Ranch, June 6, 2010

After presiding five wedding ceremonies at Ko'Olina chapel, Rev. Parker arrives at Kualoa Ranch for Eric and Kelly's wedding. A beautiful setting of both mauka and makai (mountain and ocean). This request/recommendation to preside over Eric's and Kelly's wedding came from Mike Higuchi, a videographer and friend of Rev. Parker.

A brief counseling with the couple.

Face to Face, "He alo he alo".
Breath exchange, the"Ha"

Included a sand ceremony

A beautiful day for a wedding at Kualoa Ranch, KeAkua was surely there with spiritual words  from Rev. Parker, touched every heart with joy and happiness.

As Rev. Parker announces Eric and Kelly as husband and wife, family stands up for the couples first walk into married life. Congratulations to Eric and Kelly may you both have a wonderful life together.

 As the rain came, it was Rev. Parker's time to show what God was all about. He mentioned while everyone ran under the tents and into the building, over the microphone. "This is a very special moment. Children are the very ones that understand the concept, that when it rains, they simply run outside and play in the rain. As we grow older we look for cover. Just give me 2 minutes.  Everyone, I'm going to show you how powerful God is and use him as an example. He made it rain so that everyone would run under the tents and covering,... but here's the joy in this... this is for everyone to be together and for us
to join hands and pray."

Here's a short clip of what everyone witnessed.


  1. Loke did it really stop raining after 2min

  2. Yes, just as prayers ended standing at the top I could see the rain changing direction and rain cleared its way for the 3 chinese dragons to come out and play.

  3. God works in mysterious ways and the passing showers were a true blessing on the newly weds and their family, friends, and guests. It was a beautiful wedding and the Reverend was superb! He presided the ceremony with such sincerity and set the tone throughout the rest of the festivities that day. Way to go Reverend, you are the man!