Monday, May 31, 2010

Mana and Mele Loulu Palms Estate Wedding

Planning ahead makes sensible time....
Today Rev.Parker had the honor of presiding over six weddings at Aqua Veil Chapel, then off to a requested ceremony by Mana 6 months ago.  A ceremony for Mana & Mele awaits at Loulu Palms Estate at 4:30pm.  Knowing that today is Memorial Day driving out to Loulu Palms Estate was surely to be a task with families out at the North Shore beaches enjoying the sunny day.  The 64 miles from Ko'Olina through Haleiwa's traffic, and finally we arrive at Pupukea to this beautiful estate hidden behind.... of course naturally.... Loulu palm treees. 

One day... four generations
Before the wedding commenced, Tutuwahine (grandmother) of the bride walked through the lawn and up to Rev. Parker and asked,  "Are you the Kahu?", greeting Tutuwahine with a smile and answering "Yes Tutu, I am",  a breeze lightly brushed against her face and asked one special request... "Can you bless my great grand son, Isaac, jr", and with no hesitation Rev. Parker responded, "I would be honoured, Tutu."
Mele's brother Isaac and Mr. Kumia walking arm in arm

 Rev. Parker blessing of the rings

Mele and Mana exchanging the gift of breath.

While every camera and phone camera at the event was present taking pictures at the wedding.
Isaac jr. was being blessed by Rev.Parker.   

Mr Kumia and son Isaac with Rev. Parker.

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  1. Aloha Rev. Parker and Mana and Mele,

    I was sooo delighted to run across your site/blog on the internet tonight. I was blessed to reserved the Loulu Palm for Mana when he called the Loulu Palm Estate. What a joy to work with him! And it was so clear how he loves his bride!
    I truly enjoyed our brief relationship. Sadly serious health issues kept me from following the progress of their Wedding Event, but I'm thrilled to see them brought together on our beautiful property, surrounded by their friends and family, and blessed by your ceremony and God. Thank you Elias, and thank you Mana and Mele for allowing us to host your special day at the Loulu Palm Estate.
    Now that I'm back on my desk I hope you will join us at the Loulu Palm more often, Elias. I will ask Elias Gonzales, our new Weddings Director, to contact you so that your services may be offered to our future couples.
    Again, thank you for the glimpse into this sacred moment... it brought tears to my eyes, as it reminded me so strongly why I do what I do.
    aloha pumehana,
    stephanie deneuve-wilson, director of marketing/admin
    the loulu palm estate