Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Honu Kai Lani" in Ko Olina soon to open in Autumn 2010

The drafting for a new wedding chapel in Ko Olina is on the way, it's not a rumor anymore that this beautiful chapel called "Honu Kai Lani" Place of Welina, will soon to open Autumn 2010.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Avatar movie 2009

Avatar Movie 2009
"He alo He alo"
Breath of Life-Ha
In all forms, God's gift of life is found in many different ways. "He alo He alo", which is what we say, face to face, has deeper understanding found in the phrase "I see you", it means not only that I give my love but I give to you unconditionally life. Let our spiritual eyes that connects us to our ancestors and God, touch and be shared and let us "honi" to share the sacred and God given gift of life found in a breath (Ha).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"The Covenant of Marriage is... We!"

Rev. Parker's pre-ceremony counseling with Matt and Jessika...  I have three things to ask of the both of you, from this point on its no longer "You or I, its "We".  This is the hardest I ask of the both of you for to make true we choices or we decisions means one lovingly giving to the other, and this is where it is difficult, for if only one person gives its one sided, so it's trying to find the balance of both people giving lovingly to each other.

The other two things are simple things, so simple that every once in awhile it gets over looked not forgotten just overlooked, and the second is.... try not to go to sleep angry, for in my path of life I have come across many who has said they didn't get a chance to say I'm sorry.

The other is always say you love each other,  for again in my path of life I have come across many people that say they didn't get a chance to say I love you. These are the three things I ask for the both of you.  Can we live with this?

Matt and Jessika's Hawaii Wedding from Steven Young on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What God has joined let no man seperate

Aloha Rev. Elias and Rose,
Happy New Year!!! Things are busy here!! Were getting ready for the reception that we are doing here in Japan. Its so different than the U.S. with different rules and such. How are things in Hawaii?? We both miss Hawaii so much already!! Nao cant stop talking about when we can go back!! Gotta work hard!!!!!

Thank you Rev. for being part of our lives and were so thankful you were the one to marry us!! We look at the both of you and tell each other they are who we want to be like!! Again thank you both for being our role models!
Kunio and Nao Kasuga

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Thank you from Marko and Nena from Croatia

A wedding done in August 2009 sends back a comment:

Dear Rev.Parker,
Mahalo! you made our day special again with your warm message and woderful wedding pictures.

We are are very happy that you have been thinking of us because you are present here with us all time since we went back home.

We wish a Happy New Year and stay in hope that we will hear from you and see you again.

Yours devoted
Nena and Marko

P.S. We'll keep the faith!