Monday, November 1, 2010

11-1-10 Elias Sensei

First busy day at Honukailani Chapel

At Watabe Weddings the staff, would call Rev. Parker as sen-sei, (meaning teacher). In Japan, anyone who teaches anything is called sensei, with this when respect was demonstrated, it was called honour.

To continue with this picture set from Watabe. After the wedding the coordinators would exit with the couple to take additional pictures outside the chapel, while Rev Parker walked out through the side a photographer asked,

"Elias sensei, how is it with the many weddings done in a day, how is it that his feeling never subsides."

Rev Parker:
In every ceremony the words are same, the music are all the same, It's the love the couple brings for eachother that completes the whole aspect of the wedding, and I'll always say, 
"It's about the LOVE". 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Watabe Wedding Ko'olina big day. Blessing of Honu Kai Lani Chapel

On October 29, 2010  KeAkua has awaken us to a beautiful day.  Rev Parker is in Aqua V. presiding a wedding. Today is definitely be an extended day.  After Rev.Parker's morning ceremony we drove over to Honu Kai Lani Chapel and with sun and a little bit of rain brings this rainbow over the chapel. 9:45 we meet with the V.I.P.

Hidetoshi Watabe President of Watabe Wedding Corporation, Aala Wedding Company, Ko'Olina Weddings and Events, Hawaiian Dredging, Rev. Okubo from Hongwanji Mission, Bev Stone and Jeff Stone President of Resort Group, and Chef Alan Wong of Alan Wong Restaurants. People who have put in all thier heart and contributions for a new child of Watabe Wedding Company.

Rev. Parker opening chant to bless the chapel.

(back)Rev. Elias Parker
(left)Koiichi Sugimoto Vice President Watabe Hawaii  and
(right)Masaki Nagamine Hawaii Division GM Watabe Hawaii

Jeff Stone, Hidetoshi Watabe, and Chef Alan Wong unveils a double twined maile lei for the grand opening of  Honu Kai Lani

After the blessing of the chapel and introductions, Rev. Parker and Honu Kai Lani staff introduces a mock wedding ceremony and a taste of Chef Alan Wong delicious and ever so perfect dishes
to the invited guests.

Twice Cooked Shortrib, Soy Braised and Grilled Kalbi Style gingered shrimp, ko choo jang sauce.
and Strawberry cake

Chilled Tomato Soup & Foie Gras Grilled Cheese!
and many more...

All the preparations for this new child of Watabe Weddings Corp, "Honu Kai Lani", has been an exciting one and will never forget the journeys in getting here.  This is not an end but only a begining of a beautiful relationship. We say Mahalo to Kristine, Bev, Ota, Akemi, 
and all who have made this event ever so possible.

and most of all to the one who has been with us through it all,
Mahalo to KeAkua.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yoshihiro and Junko 10/17/10

I can honestly say preparing for your very own wedding can be tiresome. From ordering the cake, selecting a gown and tuxedo, reception, flowers, music, minister, and just making this one wedding the perfect wedding I will ever remember. (arrhgg  I need help).

As bride and groom we put on our best face and being at our best to be beautiful and handsome for the most important day of our lives. The clock ticks till we see ourselves with our other half at the altar. Some couples may just wanna get on rollin' with the movement and get out of here, but Rev Parker ....   His eyes would tear... for he would see LOVE between the couple. The LOVE they have for eachother and smile, then in a blink of an eye says "You may now seal your vows with a kiss." and pronounces  you as husband and wife..... whew, can we rest now!!! Can we legally say getting married is hard work. I'm just glad we go through it once in our life.... Right?!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Rev. Parker has been prepared for todays event, 10-10-10, an easier way to remember October 10, 2010. Congratulations to all couple who got married today.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Honu Kai Lani Chapel first 10-weddings November 1, 2010

Earlier this week Rev. Parker noticed that the green construction walls are down and Honu Kai Lani Chapel is now in full view. We drove around to take a quick glance and noticed of the art deco architecture. Look closely and you'll see the honu head facing the calm seas, "the guardian of the people" one of the guardians of the hawaiian people. Still unable to walk on chapel grounds landscaping was surely needed, but I'm sure Watabe will set it's glamour for Honu Kai Lani best foot forward.

Honu Kai Lani Chapel drawing, aside of the chapel preparation, media blitz, and chapel promotions,
first 10-weddings are on schedule set for November 1, 2010... Lord is gracious, Amene

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Antoinne and Ellen's wedding in Ko'Olina Hawaii September 11, 2010

Today was a beautiful day for a wedding. At Lanikuhonua, you would have to be there to feel the presence  of (what was it) dancing palm trees shading Antoinne and Ellen's family, as they patiently wait for the wedding to start.  While waiting Rev. Parker sends a silent prayer, and if you listen closely you can hear the cool breezes whispering in the air, and the ocean waters clapping on the shoreline coral reef as the bride walks to her groom.

Photo by: Philips Photography

Monday, August 2, 2010

Christian and Adriana Hawaii Wedding

The other day a question was brought up to Rev. Parker,
"What is the secret for a life long marriage?"
I watched Rev. Parker as he smiles at the couple and say, "Think of yourselves when you both first met. How you would look at him so lovingly, or how would you would smile at each other and say I love you, or how you would buy each other gifts for no other reason , or to hold each other just because we know we belong to each other. Simply treat each other as boyfriend/girlfriend all over again. 

It's knowing that the grass is greener on YOUR side of the fence.
Don't wait until you've lost the one you love.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Ko'Olina Weddings and Events invites you to discover some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and experience the tropical paradise of Ko Olina Resort & Marina.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kmet's Vow Renewal at North Shore

A raw footage video of John and Sue a north shore wedding presided by Rev. Elias Parker, Mihana singing and a chant doing opening "Oli Aloha", and video by Steven Young of Dream Wedding Hawaii. 

In a vow renewal, Rev. Parker believes that rings once blessed should not be removed or re-blessed for the rings represents your never ending years of eternal love together.

In this case John and Suzanne chose to present new rings not only renewing their vows but also their love to one another.
Kmet's Vow Renewal from Steven Young on Vimeo.

Blessing of the rings

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eric and Kelly at Paliku Gardens, Kualoa Ranch, June 6, 2010

After presiding five wedding ceremonies at Ko'Olina chapel, Rev. Parker arrives at Kualoa Ranch for Eric and Kelly's wedding. A beautiful setting of both mauka and makai (mountain and ocean). This request/recommendation to preside over Eric's and Kelly's wedding came from Mike Higuchi, a videographer and friend of Rev. Parker.

A brief counseling with the couple.

Face to Face, "He alo he alo".
Breath exchange, the"Ha"

Included a sand ceremony

A beautiful day for a wedding at Kualoa Ranch, KeAkua was surely there with spiritual words  from Rev. Parker, touched every heart with joy and happiness.

As Rev. Parker announces Eric and Kelly as husband and wife, family stands up for the couples first walk into married life. Congratulations to Eric and Kelly may you both have a wonderful life together.

 As the rain came, it was Rev. Parker's time to show what God was all about. He mentioned while everyone ran under the tents and into the building, over the microphone. "This is a very special moment. Children are the very ones that understand the concept, that when it rains, they simply run outside and play in the rain. As we grow older we look for cover. Just give me 2 minutes.  Everyone, I'm going to show you how powerful God is and use him as an example. He made it rain so that everyone would run under the tents and covering,... but here's the joy in this... this is for everyone to be together and for us
to join hands and pray."

Here's a short clip of what everyone witnessed.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Mana and Mele Loulu Palms Estate Wedding

Planning ahead makes sensible time....
Today Rev.Parker had the honor of presiding over six weddings at Aqua Veil Chapel, then off to a requested ceremony by Mana 6 months ago.  A ceremony for Mana & Mele awaits at Loulu Palms Estate at 4:30pm.  Knowing that today is Memorial Day driving out to Loulu Palms Estate was surely to be a task with families out at the North Shore beaches enjoying the sunny day.  The 64 miles from Ko'Olina through Haleiwa's traffic, and finally we arrive at Pupukea to this beautiful estate hidden behind.... of course naturally.... Loulu palm treees. 

One day... four generations
Before the wedding commenced, Tutuwahine (grandmother) of the bride walked through the lawn and up to Rev. Parker and asked,  "Are you the Kahu?", greeting Tutuwahine with a smile and answering "Yes Tutu, I am",  a breeze lightly brushed against her face and asked one special request... "Can you bless my great grand son, Isaac, jr", and with no hesitation Rev. Parker responded, "I would be honoured, Tutu."
Mele's brother Isaac and Mr. Kumia walking arm in arm

 Rev. Parker blessing of the rings

Mele and Mana exchanging the gift of breath.

While every camera and phone camera at the event was present taking pictures at the wedding.
Isaac jr. was being blessed by Rev.Parker.   

Mr Kumia and son Isaac with Rev. Parker.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Will and Jackie Magic Island Wedding (raw video)

A Vow Renewal from Steven Young on Vimeo.
Every moment is memorable in this raw video footage, done by Steven Young. As Rev. Parker presides a vow renewal the Love that you have between each other will be inherited down to your children. The importance of raising our children is for them to be a good husband and a good wife. The breath exchange is still acknowledged in this video but now it's together with Will and Jackie's children. From your ancestors to our grandparents, and from our grandparents down to our parents past through Willl and Jackie to your children. Let it be done, let it fly.

Felix and Camie August 1, 2009

Camie and Felix from Video 21 Productions on Vimeo.

Sometime ago Rev. Parker presided a wedding at Lanikohonua, a beautiful a private location for a both a wedding and reception.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Rev. Elias Kamohoali'i Parker

Haupia Cake was presented to Rev. Parker on his birthday.
Facebook Connection:
Amber Lee Hays: Justin and I wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday! We hope your day was blessed!
Michael J. Santos: happy birthday rev. and many more 2 come... mike santos
Mizue Hosokawa: Happy birthday Elias Sensei!!
Grace Doroha Hau'oli La Hanau my dear friend. Hope you had a bless-filled day. ~Aloha~
Kunio Kasuga: happy birthday rev. elias!!
Chimere Paishon: happy birthday uncle, hope you have a good one. xoxo
Yuko Ailyn Jarman: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Your happy smile is a treasure for Ko Olina!
Ken Wilson: Happy birthday sir!
Nori Schroeder Fujimoto: Happy birthday Elias sensei!! Wishing you a very happy joyful birthday!!!
Joslyne Ball: Happy Birthday Unko......may you have many more blessed days to come......Give my love to Nty prayers are with the Ohana. Have a wonderful blessed day.
Cin Nunyabiz: Happy Birthday E! Wishing you and family a great weekend =)
Lydell Corteza-Acosta: Happy, Happy Birthday, Rev. Wishing you a blessed day!!!!!
Bam Copp Happy Birthday Uncle!!!♥you
Sherman B. Hao Happy Birthday Rev. Have a blessed day.
Camie Acevedo Happy Birthday Rev!!! Wishing you a blessed day today... and ALWAYS!!! Much love~Camie & Felix Acevedo
Cheryl Labuguen Happy Birthday Manong E! Have a great one!
Debbie Tagatac Happy Birthday Sweet Cuz, May you be blessed with a most Beautiful day ! Luvs from me & My Ohana :)
RemoveHa: Organicclothing hauoli la hanau = happy birthday! from the (ha) ohana
Jimmy Burcham: Happy Birthday Sensei!
Rex Shafer- a blessed birthday wish for you sir from the sarah project (HANDS+HOMES=HOPE) HAWAIIS ALOHA PROJECT---WHO WANTS TO LEAD? Christina Dennis Wishing u a very Happy Birthday Uncle and many more to come! ♥ Enjoy your day.

Vanessa Diaz Kauhola Happy Birthday! Xoxo, Dane. Vanessa and kidsJunko Williams: Happy Birthday Elias Sense!!!!!

Jeff Gunther: Happy Birthday E! Come ova stay Nalo... we grill!
Sky-Alena Parker: hey dad, i not going on tomaro prolly but i will surely call you on your 8 to 7 day!!! but happy birthday...hopefully im first on your wall!!! okay hope all is well and i love you!!!
Sabrina Boyd: Happy Birthday!!!! Super Big Hug!!!!
Earl Fujimoto: Happy Birthday!!! Have a good one.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Frank and Erika, August 2009

A beautiful wedding done at Byodo Temple presided by Rev. Elias Parker.  Thank you Crane Media.

Majestic Wedding at the Byodo Temple in Kaneohe from Crane Media on Vimeo.

Kojiiro and Viera Wedding at Paradise Cove December 2008

December of 2008, Kojiiro and Viera were married at Paradise Cove. While living overseas they have sent pictures to us and with one the has Rev. Elias Parker doing a chant, "He alo he alo", and the couple exchanging "Ha" to one another.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Justin and Amber private wedding in Hawaii

Justin and Amber giving a breath exchange "The Ha"
 in "He alo he alo" face to face.

Sealed with a Kiss

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blessing of the Land at Ko'Olina "Honu Kai Lani"

It's been announced the blessing of the land for "Honu Kai Lani" will be March 15, 2010.  Excitement is in the air when walking the grounds and how it glows and glistens with an aura. A smile comes from Rev. Elias "Kamohoali'i" Parker honoured to do the event.  May the winds of the four corners of the Earth come together and Bless...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Marco and Trisha

Wedding ceremony presided by Rev. Elias Parker, thank you Cherished Weddings for pictures.