Monday, October 12, 2009

Benefits and Days Off

As I return back to the working industry, I've come to appreciate any worker who gives their sweat, and their best to situations as it comes.  I recall standing in a long line to pay for the few items in my shopping basket.  Impatiantly, I start tapping my feet and sigh, and think to myself  "this is taking too long",  then I notice a sign that says "CASHIER IN TRAINING".  At the end of my transaction and recieving my change from the cashier she gives me a smile, and with a little perspiration on her forehead and a positive attitude!!... she says "Thank you, and have a great day!" as  I leave the register I still see that smile on her face.

Rev. Parker says, "God has a sense of humor" when you ask for patience God doesn't snap his fingers and..... poof!!!.... you have patience.....NNNOOOOO.....he puts you a in short line with an elderly lady giving her money to the cashier and then says, "Oh my gosh, I'm short a dollar. Can I write you a check?" at this point God whispers in your ear, "Today my child, you will learn patience".

I remember Rev. Parker speaking about benefits and days off.  How much endurance are you able to take?  There will always be reasons why you are working.  In todays economy, blessed are those that work hard and lucky are those who don't need to work.  Our reasons may differ, if it's not for the money..... it's for medical benefits for you and your family.  Opportunities and benefits are previliges offered to us.  As for Rev. Parker, his benefits are simple, moments with his wife, spending time with his family, and singing and dancing in glory to his God In The Highest with his family.  About asking for days off ?... Let me ask you this.  Do you think God takes a day off?  Rev. Parker says with a smile, "My boss (God) works 24/7, I don't dare ask for a day off", no complaints here.

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