Sunday, August 30, 2009

On this day.... I do

Recently a wedding rehearsal was request of Rev.Parker with a bridal party of 20 people. A wedding coordinator has an extreme task to put together a beautiful wedding for a special moment in time for a wedding couple. As the rehearsal proceeded, individuals of the bridal party was talking among themselves not paying attention, after awhile I noticed how loud the conversations between individuals had become.

Then I heard Rev.Parker in a firm voice say...."Right now for those of you who are here need to be reminded and understand that the only thing that we need to worry about right here,...right this couple.... its not about what your talking about or plans after this event. It's all about the love which you bring for this couple. We need to pay more attention and cooperate with the coordinator." And with that everyone came to attention, I must say kudos to the reverend. Rev.Parker always reminds his couples, "That it's not about the people or the guests, it's about both of you....for when it's all over and everyone has left there is only you the couple to look back and remember this day."

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