Friday, September 25, 2009

The Essence of the Maker

Traveling back to Hawai'i, a request was made from Kaiimiloa to Rev. Parker to attend a gathering at the Wailea Grand Hotel to `olelo kama`ilio.
Rev. Parker says that each log has a feeling, or spirit (mana). And each log, even as it is cut, is not dead it has it's own essence. When worked on a canoe, the life of the log comes into the canoe as the spirit of it' maker goes into the canoe.
Each canoe speaks of something different as it goes through the stages of creation. Some people name a canoe as the log is cut down.
Some people name a canoe before it is finished, some wait until it is completed. Keep in mind that as the process evolves, so does the feeling that ultimately effects the final naming.

Given the name of the canoe came from the bay

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