Sunday, August 9, 2009

Understanding "I do"

It's a moment to watch someones daughter walk down the isle to get married, but it's a cherished moment when a father walks arm in arm with his daughter down the isle. People say they saw their life flash before their eyes, within 30 seconds of walking down the isle a father starts to see instant images play from the first day he carried his little baby girl in his hands, her first time saying dad, her first step, then a swell of emotion overwhelms him,.... and he hears a voice say, "my little girl is getting married".

It was always mentioned to me by Rev. Parker, "We cannont serve two masters". A loving father will always love, protect, care, and nurture his child until the day she chooses to get married.

Why does a father walk his daughter down the isle?.... Because it's his passage of right to hear the words, "Who gives this bride to be married to this man?". It's at this moment when he says "I do" and whispers into her ear "be happy and I Love You" then surrenders unconditionally the love for his little girl to another man to whom she has chosen to serve and be a loving wife.

This little girl has chosen to serve a new man in her life knowing he will do all the things for her... just as her daddy did! For you will see that this little girl will always love her daddy.


  1. Thanks for the awesome talk yesterday on the beach. You are one gentleman I swear! Now my hunny has more standards to live up to... gotta step it UP, right? LoL It's always a pleasure seeing you and working with you. Have a beautiful weekend

  2. Rev. Elias Parker you are truely THE BEST minister in Hawaii. Thank you for you words.