Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kaena Point hike with Rev. Elias Parker

Kahu getting water to cool our bodies with Kaena's salty water.

Just around the bend lays Kaena Point, and we've come to a corroided road. Looking along the path way Kahu is concerened with the women and children along the hike. Nothing is impossible in a possitive attitude. We continue with the hike.

Reaching to the tip of the point we have come to a long wait to see the view.

Rev. Parker has made it known that his love for Ka'ena always remained because of its untouched beauty.

Finally at the point of Ka'ena where waters meet. A journey home for Rev. Parker, and he has seen the old railroad tracks from his great grandfather a conductor from the old OR&L "Oahu Railroad & Land", rounding from Waipahu to Ewa Beach around Kaena point to Haleiwa. Known as "The In-between", Kaena Point, made it's name for spirits to leap off to eternal life. Scholars would see it as Oahu and Kauai channel waters, for others who understand the Hawaiian legends call it Leina Kauhane means "Leaping souls", Leina o'kaena, is the name of the place where the spirits leap, thus the in-between.

Happy to see such panoramic views of the pacific ocean, waves crashing against the a'a, and the dry grass surrounding the mountains, Ka'ena means "The heat", is why we call the hottest place on oahu. Along the way we've encountered how we endure our obstacles and challenges, how strong our will to stay along the path and back.

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