Saturday, August 1, 2009

A full day of LOVE 1

Every once in a while I have the pleasure of joining Rev. Parker in his busy day with the Lord. A bride, in searching for this one minister in Hawaii who married her mother on the Navatek 2 years prior, came upon frustration almost to many unsuccessful disappointments in finding this one particular minister. Let me take you back in time, 9 months ago of this joyous bride and her last attempt in searching for her minister. She typed in his name which came up with an investment website PRE INVESTMENTS,LLC after opening the website she came upon a picture of Rev.Parker and myself and a business number. She cautiously called the number and left a message. I remember the message vividly, "Hi, I'm not sure if I have the right number, but i'm looking for Rev Parker......", and in retrieving her call from my realty business number I then knew this call was not to buy a home...well, not just yet.

Anyway, Rev. Parker did not have a website or a blog at that time, though everyone else seems to have a hawaiian ceremony included in their website. So from my very first posting of this blog site I've made it for everyone to see God's work through Rev. Parker. How unique that God has made Rev. Parker to be a tool for us, to chisel and shape the beauty of God's work for everyone to see.

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