Sunday, August 30, 2009

On this day.... I do

Recently a wedding rehearsal was request of Rev.Parker with a bridal party of 20 people. A wedding coordinator has an extreme task to put together a beautiful wedding for a special moment in time for a wedding couple. As the rehearsal proceeded, individuals of the bridal party was talking among themselves not paying attention, after awhile I noticed how loud the conversations between individuals had become.

Then I heard Rev.Parker in a firm voice say...."Right now for those of you who are here need to be reminded and understand that the only thing that we need to worry about right here,...right this couple.... its not about what your talking about or plans after this event. It's all about the love which you bring for this couple. We need to pay more attention and cooperate with the coordinator." And with that everyone came to attention, I must say kudos to the reverend. Rev.Parker always reminds his couples, "That it's not about the people or the guests, it's about both of you....for when it's all over and everyone has left there is only you the couple to look back and remember this day."

Saturday, August 15, 2009

"The Nearness of You" featuring Rev. Elias Parker

Here is Rev.Parker singing "The Nearness of You", towards the ending of the song are also pictures of him presiding the weddings. I hope you'll like it...Enjoy

Thursday, August 13, 2009

KeAkua's gift

Sometimes driving you don't always get to see or notice other things around you but paying attention to driving, but today I was a passenger and it rained heavily. Once a week Rev.Parker and myself would take our weekly ride to Kaneohe to clean and give flowers to mom, dad and baby Enoch. As we were coming out through H-3 tunnel we noticed the waterfalls of the the mountains. How beautiful this was to see. It's as if KeAkua would carve Mauna Ko'olauloa with his fingertips for us to truely enjoy the magnificent gift for us and see KeAkua's love of the world.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Understanding "I do"

It's a moment to watch someones daughter walk down the isle to get married, but it's a cherished moment when a father walks arm in arm with his daughter down the isle. People say they saw their life flash before their eyes, within 30 seconds of walking down the isle a father starts to see instant images play from the first day he carried his little baby girl in his hands, her first time saying dad, her first step, then a swell of emotion overwhelms him,.... and he hears a voice say, "my little girl is getting married".

It was always mentioned to me by Rev. Parker, "We cannont serve two masters". A loving father will always love, protect, care, and nurture his child until the day she chooses to get married.

Why does a father walk his daughter down the isle?.... Because it's his passage of right to hear the words, "Who gives this bride to be married to this man?". It's at this moment when he says "I do" and whispers into her ear "be happy and I Love You" then surrenders unconditionally the love for his little girl to another man to whom she has chosen to serve and be a loving wife.

This little girl has chosen to serve a new man in her life knowing he will do all the things for her... just as her daddy did! For you will see that this little girl will always love her daddy.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Melvin and Tien Wedding

Thank you again so much, another beautiful video from Dream Weddings Hawaii, with Rev. Elias Parker presiding the wedding.

Tien and Melvin from Steven Young on Vimeo.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Slow down and relax

Stopping at 7-eleven store to pick up some refreshments. Got our water and waited in line. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry. (whooow, relax...)

As we started our way for a quiet drive to visit family up Waianae coast reminded me of my childhood days. How beautiful and simple life is.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A full day of LOVE 1

Every once in a while I have the pleasure of joining Rev. Parker in his busy day with the Lord. A bride, in searching for this one minister in Hawaii who married her mother on the Navatek 2 years prior, came upon frustration almost to many unsuccessful disappointments in finding this one particular minister. Let me take you back in time, 9 months ago of this joyous bride and her last attempt in searching for her minister. She typed in his name which came up with an investment website PRE INVESTMENTS,LLC after opening the website she came upon a picture of Rev.Parker and myself and a business number. She cautiously called the number and left a message. I remember the message vividly, "Hi, I'm not sure if I have the right number, but i'm looking for Rev Parker......", and in retrieving her call from my realty business number I then knew this call was not to buy a home...well, not just yet.

Anyway, Rev. Parker did not have a website or a blog at that time, though everyone else seems to have a hawaiian ceremony included in their website. So from my very first posting of this blog site I've made it for everyone to see God's work through Rev. Parker. How unique that God has made Rev. Parker to be a tool for us, to chisel and shape the beauty of God's work for everyone to see.

A full day of LOVE 2

Today at Lanikohonua the wedding ceremony site and reception was wonderfully arranged and everything was put together beautifully. Everyone was waiting patiently untill the words "stand by" was called....Beautiful Cammie walking down the silkly lawn to her loving husband to be. Then soon enough it was time for Rev. Parker's words to say "Ladies and gentlemen! It is my pleasure to announce the new Mr. and Mrs. Felix and Cammie Acevedo.

A full day of LOVE 3

Now after a long-short full day of LOVE and finding out from family at a wedding that Cammie is related to Rev. Parker, (that's another story!!!) It has never ceased to find that every ceremony Rev. Parker does is always better than the last, and that I conclude that he is Hawaii's favorite hawaiian minister.

A full day of LOVE Ma'ili

After leaving Lanikohonua, just 15 minutes away. Another beautiful bride to be married in Ma'ili beach. Thank you Dream Weddings Hawaii