Wednesday, July 15, 2009


While watching the canoe paddlers practice their hard effort I then remembered a time of Rev. Parker talking about team work. Of course we always enjoy to see joyous winning faces…. But how about the ones that lost. They too practiced their hearts out till their sweat ran into tears. What then turns the losers hardened heart to a lost…. Rev. Parker always made it simple for our team players, “ It is not …I will do this or … YOU will do that”, this mentality places us as an individual player not responsible for each other or for my team mate. As Rev. Parker continued talking… he’s done it again,…. turning and molding ideas into reality…and he’s made it clear that it doesn’t have to be just for sports or work, it pertains to our everyday life in how we simply would care for one another. “It is now… WE will do this and WE will accomplish great things“.
In his past he has coached many different programs paddling, volleyball, football, track and field “You name it, he’s had a hand in it”, he says. Acronym for TEAM everyone know it as
Together Everyone Achieves More. Yes true, but only Rev. Elias would challenge you to it. He explains, An 8 cylinder engine running on six still moves. It may struggle but it moves. A six man canoe with four people paddling their hardest with 2 people giving only 50%, again may struggle but it still moves.

In a relationship some believe its 50-50, and meet half way. (hmmmm you think)… I’ll go all the way and give my 100% how is that for mentality. We need the motivation of our peers to insure that everyone gives not their 100%, but their ALL.
Hence TO EXCEL AND MOTIVATE. This means I’ll give ALL of me to be at my best and motivate those around me to be at their best. Now everyone at their best together achieves more. By: Loke

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  1. very true... never quit and give your 100%