Thursday, July 23, 2009

One God, many religions

Once a week we would stop by to visit Enoch our son, mom and dad to trim grass and take fresh flowers to adorn their eternal resting place. A few weeks ago a call came in from a bride to be requesting if Rev. Parker would preside over their wedding, the location will be at the beautiful Byodo temple and garden. I thought this would be a wonderful wedding. Last week after visiting mom and dad we stop at the Byodo temple and garden to see where the wedding would be. I took a few pictures and saw it before it would happen that this couple who is getting married here will have beautiful pictures. Rev. Parker a practitioner of martial arts for many years has also studied and participated in the religious ceremonies of enlightenment and aspects of beliefs. He then also paid his respects to Buddah. I asked myself how is it that a reverend would pay respects, and wondered about his knowledge of this religion. Being that I've seen him do every religion that could be mentioned I asked him, "Why are there so many religions?" I've searched online and found no straight answer, I've search other religions and still found no conclusive answer. But this is what Rev. Parker says, "There is only one God, but many religions. In the days after the Great Flood, King Nimrod wanted to build a tower to reach the heavens and be like God, but the tower was not for worship or to praise God, but dedicated it to man. God saw what the people were doing and confounded them in speaking different languages so they wouldn't be able to understand doing this they stopped and couldn't continue to build the tower. Those that did undertood eachother gathered together and went on forward and spread themselves among the earth, for this is and has been God's purpose to grow and flourish the earth."
Thus, different languages call God in different names to which are different religions Allah, Iaweh, Jehovah, Buddah, Muhammed are few examples. Which one is you? All religion has a purpose and that's through one God. There is no wrong answer. As Rev. Parker says, "How great is the Lord that we're able to spread his name through many nations from the very begining of time. " By: Loke

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