Sunday, July 19, 2009

One Breath

As we revisit Ko' Olina beach park, I watched El playing on the shoreline. Being that he's 4 years old his challenges to swim on his own suffices to climbing on his sister's back for enjoyment in the water, but it can only go on for so long. Next to El is a couple with their baby boy. Like a mother and a father loves their child, they laugh and play with their young one. Which brings back memories of El's growing years. I'd say, "Young boy has no fears". Of course, understand what I believe as a parent is in the up bringing of my child. If the father believes he has no fears, in the eyes of the child he perceives he has no fears, "If Dad can,.. I can!". When El first learned how to swim, E would blow into his face to inhale one breath and dunk him under the water. Three seconds later as El would come up with blazing eyes of fear, half choking for air, my heart in my stomach, my blood pressure 200/110, my anxiety yelling in my head "Oh my God!!!" E would yell, "Good job, El!", and my son's look of fear would turn into a big grin full of accomplishment.
This is one of my fondest memories, and as Rev. Parker says, "Life is simple, one breath one compliment. Make your breath worth while to compliment....not to comment.... but to compliment". Here's a thought. When was the last time you complimented your spouse, your children, or those around you. There is nothing more exciting to see a quick change of ones emotions, from fear to accomplishment. By: Loke

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  1. everything is about the love and i am sure that in all of reverend Parker's weddings there is love and faith..."happy, happy joy joy"