Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lord's tools

Later in the day, we continued driving through central Oahu up to North Shore and stopped at Sunset Beach to meet with Steve from Dream Weddings Hawaii, and the couple who's about to get married by Rev. Elias. Before starting the ceremony I took a picture of the beach, the lifegaurd house, and a private wedding with Rev. Elias at the far back. Noticed two keiki kanes in the picture and what they were reading, the Bible.
Today, is a beautiful day with the Lord and his wonders everywhere. Children who just come in from an afternoon swim reading the Bible, or just a simple private wedding presented to the heavens above. How great is the Lord that he is always present no matter where we are, when you least expect it he is always there and how the Lord uses us as tools in everyday day life. Keep the Lord close to your heart, and give him thanks and praise.

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