Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

One God, many religions

Once a week we would stop by to visit Enoch our son, mom and dad to trim grass and take fresh flowers to adorn their eternal resting place. A few weeks ago a call came in from a bride to be requesting if Rev. Parker would preside over their wedding, the location will be at the beautiful Byodo temple and garden. I thought this would be a wonderful wedding. Last week after visiting mom and dad we stop at the Byodo temple and garden to see where the wedding would be. I took a few pictures and saw it before it would happen that this couple who is getting married here will have beautiful pictures. Rev. Parker a practitioner of martial arts for many years has also studied and participated in the religious ceremonies of enlightenment and aspects of beliefs. He then also paid his respects to Buddah. I asked myself how is it that a reverend would pay respects, and wondered about his knowledge of this religion. Being that I've seen him do every religion that could be mentioned I asked him, "Why are there so many religions?" I've searched online and found no straight answer, I've search other religions and still found no conclusive answer. But this is what Rev. Parker says, "There is only one God, but many religions. In the days after the Great Flood, King Nimrod wanted to build a tower to reach the heavens and be like God, but the tower was not for worship or to praise God, but dedicated it to man. God saw what the people were doing and confounded them in speaking different languages so they wouldn't be able to understand doing this they stopped and couldn't continue to build the tower. Those that did undertood eachother gathered together and went on forward and spread themselves among the earth, for this is and has been God's purpose to grow and flourish the earth."
Thus, different languages call God in different names to which are different religions Allah, Iaweh, Jehovah, Buddah, Muhammed are few examples. Which one is you? All religion has a purpose and that's through one God. There is no wrong answer. As Rev. Parker says, "How great is the Lord that we're able to spread his name through many nations from the very begining of time. " By: Loke

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lord's tools

Later in the day, we continued driving through central Oahu up to North Shore and stopped at Sunset Beach to meet with Steve from Dream Weddings Hawaii, and the couple who's about to get married by Rev. Elias. Before starting the ceremony I took a picture of the beach, the lifegaurd house, and a private wedding with Rev. Elias at the far back. Noticed two keiki kanes in the picture and what they were reading, the Bible.
Today, is a beautiful day with the Lord and his wonders everywhere. Children who just come in from an afternoon swim reading the Bible, or just a simple private wedding presented to the heavens above. How great is the Lord that he is always present no matter where we are, when you least expect it he is always there and how the Lord uses us as tools in everyday day life. Keep the Lord close to your heart, and give him thanks and praise.

Rainbow Drive Inn

After Waikiki, we stopped at Rainbow Drive In. They've been around since 1961, with great local grindz. When you drive on Kapahulu Ave don't forget to stop at Rainbow Drive In.
Today we started to head out to Waikiki, a little bit of family time. We stopped at the Army Museum for Rev. Elias to talk to a couple he commenced this past Saturday. Took a picture of an army tank, and spending these special times with family.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A beautiful day to get married

This wedding was done in May 27, 2009 with Rev. Parker. A picture done by Steven Young, Dream Weddings Hawaii. A beautiful couple and fabulous day.

One Breath

As we revisit Ko' Olina beach park, I watched El playing on the shoreline. Being that he's 4 years old his challenges to swim on his own suffices to climbing on his sister's back for enjoyment in the water, but it can only go on for so long. Next to El is a couple with their baby boy. Like a mother and a father loves their child, they laugh and play with their young one. Which brings back memories of El's growing years. I'd say, "Young boy has no fears". Of course, understand what I believe as a parent is in the up bringing of my child. If the father believes he has no fears, in the eyes of the child he perceives he has no fears, "If Dad can,.. I can!". When El first learned how to swim, E would blow into his face to inhale one breath and dunk him under the water. Three seconds later as El would come up with blazing eyes of fear, half choking for air, my heart in my stomach, my blood pressure 200/110, my anxiety yelling in my head "Oh my God!!!" E would yell, "Good job, El!", and my son's look of fear would turn into a big grin full of accomplishment.
This is one of my fondest memories, and as Rev. Parker says, "Life is simple, one breath one compliment. Make your breath worth while to compliment....not to comment.... but to compliment". Here's a thought. When was the last time you complimented your spouse, your children, or those around you. There is nothing more exciting to see a quick change of ones emotions, from fear to accomplishment. By: Loke

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


While watching the canoe paddlers practice their hard effort I then remembered a time of Rev. Parker talking about team work. Of course we always enjoy to see joyous winning faces…. But how about the ones that lost. They too practiced their hearts out till their sweat ran into tears. What then turns the losers hardened heart to a lost…. Rev. Parker always made it simple for our team players, “ It is not …I will do this or … YOU will do that”, this mentality places us as an individual player not responsible for each other or for my team mate. As Rev. Parker continued talking… he’s done it again,…. turning and molding ideas into reality…and he’s made it clear that it doesn’t have to be just for sports or work, it pertains to our everyday life in how we simply would care for one another. “It is now… WE will do this and WE will accomplish great things“.
In his past he has coached many different programs paddling, volleyball, football, track and field “You name it, he’s had a hand in it”, he says. Acronym for TEAM everyone know it as
Together Everyone Achieves More. Yes true, but only Rev. Elias would challenge you to it. He explains, An 8 cylinder engine running on six still moves. It may struggle but it moves. A six man canoe with four people paddling their hardest with 2 people giving only 50%, again may struggle but it still moves.

In a relationship some believe its 50-50, and meet half way. (hmmmm you think)… I’ll go all the way and give my 100% how is that for mentality. We need the motivation of our peers to insure that everyone gives not their 100%, but their ALL.
Hence TO EXCEL AND MOTIVATE. This means I’ll give ALL of me to be at my best and motivate those around me to be at their best. Now everyone at their best together achieves more. By: Loke

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's all about LOVE!!!!

It has been brought to my attention many times, "Why is it that Reverend Elias does not have a website?".... in short, this blog is for him. His many requests for ceremonies were always from people who knew him by a family or friend. Whether you call him for a ceremony or just to simply talk, you can always count on him.

When I first met Rev. Elias, it was always known and found it very comforting to understand that his love for life is to praise God's name in glory in song and dance. His love for prayer, music and family is close to his heart. He believes in Faith, Love and Joy and the greatest of them all is Love.... Rev. Elias motto: "It's all about Love" or "It's all about the Aloha". By: Loke