Thursday, August 31, 2006

O wai ke kumu?

Is the land sacred because of the heiau, or is the heiau sacred because of the land?

Rev. Parker has made many pinpoints in his journey through life. He has traveled in and out of the Hawaiian island chains, Philippines, Japan and through out the United States. Through his journey he has seen many cultures and how each and every one would play a vital part in each life. Coming back to Hawaii he remembers a dedication and his protocol to one of many heiau in Hawaii, “Heiau O Lono”. There are two general priciples in the practice of a hawaiian protocol.

Firstly, anyone who practices a Hawaiian ceremonial protocol should know why and the understanding of their involvement in a particular ceremony and what they are expected to do.

And two, there is an order in how one proceeds, one may present a ho’okupu, an offering element, another may include the sound of the conch shell (pü kani), and be followed by an opening chant (oli wehe). A procession would follow, accompanied by oli, followed by the bearers of the ho’okupu in order by rank or status. These steps are consistent in old Hawaiian protocol.